We have been supplying innovative solutions to the fun foods industry for over 50 years. Enjoy our first digital version of our renowned Shopping For Toppings. Our specialized assortment of products will impress the most refined enthusiast and our breadth of product will make us your one stop shop to Supplyitall.

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Marty recommends at least three sizes of cake cones, one sugar cone, one waffle cone, and five specialty cones. Wow, that sounds like a lot, but there are great reasons for all.

Cone Logic

  • We recommend one pointed cake cone for hand dipped ice cream. Three sizes of flat bottom cake cones for soft serve. All swirls and scoops are not created equal so people need a differentiator between small, medium and large.
  • Sugar cones are only available in one size although we do carry a taster version.
  • Waffle cones can hold a lot of ice cream so check out our assortment of sizes and find the one that best fits your price point.
  • Remember like sugar cones, waffle cones are a rolled product. We recommend a jacket, or your customer may lose some drips from the bottom of the cone.
  • Jackets for ice cream cones are not required but are very highly recommended especially during times like these. Most customers enjoy the cone itself as much as the ice cream. Don’t leave a bad taste or uncomfortable feeling behind by touching a product they plan to eat. Jackets average about 2 cents more per cone and are definitely worth the investment.
  • Feeling adventurous? We also supply make-your-own waffle cone mix and equipment.

Ice Cream Cones, Bowls, & Mix

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Marty recommends adding to your cart one of our cookie wafer options. Not only do they taste great, but instead of wasting your mix when cleaning out your machine, sell ice cream sandwiches. In addition to individual bag options we also supply six pack trays for your customers to take them and go.


Frozen bananas, strawberries and other tasty fruits can be decorated with white or dark chocolate and put on a stick to increase revenue and menu assortment.

Cookies & Wafers

Picks, Paddles, & Skewers


Enrober chocolate takes 10-15 minutes to dry, while cone coating adheres immediately creating a hard magic shell.

Enrober needs to be heated by a SERVER EQUIPMENT warmer or any other FOOD WARMERS. Dip the cone itself into the chocolate and roll with jimmies (sprinkles) or any other light candy product.

Cone Coating is meant to adhere to cold products like ice cream. Temperature is very important when using cone coating. Always check the recommended temperature on the can and confirm thermostat accuracy with a food grade thermometer in our THERMOMETER, SCALES & TIMERS section. Use any of the items in our Picks, Paddles & Skewers category to dip the product into the chocolate or hold the cone upside down and dip the ice cream only.


Food warming equipment is meant to warm the product inside the can. Remove the paper label and place the entire can inside the unit. Check water bath as water will evaporate and don't pour contents of can directly into food warming equipment.

Cone Coatings

Candy Toppings

Enrober Coatings


If you use less than a full can of product, add to your cart our low cost #5 and #10 lids with and without pumps for safe and secure storage Lyons Lids & Pumps


Hot fudge is always meant to be warmed in the can and dispensed in the industry preferred Server Equipment. New bagged fudge has been gaining traction with space savings, no waste, no mess and ability to keep a second bag warming for a quick change.

Chocolate Fudge

Jimmies, Decorettes, Sequins



Peanut Butter, Hazelnut

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Fruit Toppings

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Mint Topping


Our syrups are specifically designed to enhance the flavor and color of any product. Chocolate and vanilla are staples, but our expanded variety of flavors allows you to enhance any dessert drink.

Flavoring Syrups

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Phillips Coffee House Essentials Syrups & Sauces are designed to perfectly complement the artistry of the American Barista and deliver the ultimate coffee experience especially when coupled with Clover Hill Coffee. Respecting the rich traditions and culture of coffee houses across America, we handcraft our products in small batches using only the finest ingredients. We believe the flavorings you add should be made with the same respect and attention to detail as you put into every beverage you skillfully create.

We promise Phillips Coffee House Essentials Syrups & Sauces will always use pure GMO-free cane sugar, all natural flavors and 100% certified organic cocoa.

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Eye appeal is half the meal. We didn't make up the saying, but we have a full assortment of products to make your product presentation as good as the product itself. Don't forget to click the "Customeyes" link in any of our categories to submit a copy of your logo. Our marketing team will call you for a one-on-one branding consultation.

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Cleanliness is the most important part of any operation, especially during a pandemic. A lasting impression for your customers is the restroom. Let us show you best cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting practices for the front and back of the house, including the restroom.

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