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SKU: 4302000 Mfr #: 4302000 Sold By: EA Description: Chlorine Resistant Color: Black Dimensions: 24"" x 32"" x 7/8""D Pkg: 4/ca Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Days One step beyond the ordinary sanitizing footbath, it both cleans and sanitizes. Rubber fingers clean shoe soles while solution sanitizes them. This unique double-action helps keep contamination from reaching food processing areas. Here's how it works. As the user wipes his feet on the Disinfectant Mat, hundreds of flexible rubber fingers clean dirt particles from the shoe. Simultaneously, the sole of the shoe is lowered into the sanitizing solution. The finger design lets contaminants settle undisturbed, while the shoe contacts clean solution only. Step off the mat clean and sanitary. Ordinary footbaths don't provide any scrubbing action. They do not keep users from tracking sediment back into a clean processing environment. And, because many footbaths are nothing more than a large pan, they present a real slip and trip hazard. Footbaths are recommended by sanitarians and quality assurance departments. And, often demanded by inspectors. Over 90% of the food plant professionals we surveyed said footbaths are Very Important or Somewhat Important. They are recommended at entrances to all food processing areas. Other important locations include doorways to starter rooms, packaging areas, laboratories, employee locker rooms, break rooms, refuse areas and receiving rooms…anywhere you want to limit the spread of contamination. Staying put isn't a problem. Heavy rubber mat with corrugated back won't slide out of place or blow away. Easily serviced by just turning over. Flexing action of rubber removes dirt and matter, even if caked. Empty, shake, rinse and refill. Always use test strips to measure sanitizer concentration. Heavy-duty black rubber is used throughout to stand up to traffic. Solid walls won't sag or allow solution to run out. Available in choice of two specially compounded rubbers. Use the Standard Mat for quaternary ammonium, iodine and most other sanitizers. Use the Chlorine Resistant Mat for chlorine sanitizers. The Disinfectant Mat measures 24"" x 32"" x 7/8"" deep, a convenient size for cleaning and maintaining. It also fits most doorways. For larger doorways, place two or more mats together. Each mat holds up to 5-quarts of sanitizer.
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Manufacturer Part Number 4302000
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