Best suited to Pale Ales, IPAs, Ambers, Reds, Browns, Stouts, and Porters (but pretty much commonly used for everything except Belgian beers).


The narrow bottom, tapering to a wider top, aids in preserving and showcasing the effervescence of the beer and it promotes head retention, which, in turn, maximizes aroma. Best suited to all types of lagers.


This particular piece of glassware provides the perfect container for the serious beer socializer. Best suited for the important acts of "clinking" and "cheers-ing". Best suited to medium-dark and darker styles, but these are used for just about any kind of beer.


Most goblets are heavy bodied and fairly thick walled, they have stems and some of them are actually etched along their inside bottoms, which promotes a more constant, even stream of bubbles and a more consistent head. The wide opening at the top provides lots of surface area in which to take in aroma, and it also provides plenty of mouth space for taking big sips. Best suited to Berliner Weiss and most Belgian styles, including Dubbels, Quads, and Tripels.


This glass boasts a bulbous bowl, but the tulip tapers outward at the top, which specifically promotes larger, foamier, heads. Best suited for Double or Imperial IPAs, most Belgian styles, including Strong Ales, Biere de Garde, Saison, Lambic, Gueuze, and Scotch Ales or Wee Heavys.


Although snifter glasses are usually used for cognac or brandy, they’re also perfect for big, aromatic beers. The shape — a stemmed, big bowl that tapers at the top — traps and enhances the volatiles as they near your nose, while the glass itself fits snugly in your hand. Try swirling the beer, enticing the volatiles to release their full aroma. In this case, hand warmth is used to warm the beer to its optimal temperature. Best for higher-gravity, or higher-alcohol content beers, such as Belgian ales, India pale ales, and wheat wines.

Featured Beer Glasses

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